State-of-the-art EMPT mechanical engineering

Our EMPT machine systems of the BlueWave Industrial and Standard series are characterized by a high degree of engineering expertise, which enables our customers to manufacture their products in mass production smoothly and in the expected quality. The fifth series of pulse generators now includes the latest state-of-the-art technology, as well as the experience gained over the years in the industrial operation.

In addition to the BlueWave Industrial series, we also offer our new BlueWave Standard series, which is particularly suitable for research institutions or industrial development centers.

In addition to prototyping, PSTproducts also uses the numerical simulation (FEM) technology. By using FEM and supplementary numerical solutions, we can shorten the adaptation and development phases. Qualified and customer-specific product tests supplement the prototype phase within the scope of engineering work.

Endurance tests serve the constant quality assurance of our EMPT systems. For this purpose, EMPT systems (generators and coils) run day and night for several months in our production facilities.

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